We are a group of 5 individuals, each in a different country, who have one interest in common. Photography, but more specifically Street Photography. We are all enthusiastic amateurs who don’t profess to know everything about photography, just enjoy it.

We each have a different Approach, Style, Attitude, Outlook and Equipment, but the one thing we have in common is shooting Street.

We are all Flickr Members and through that platform we have all followed each others work. In July 2015 we decided to work together in collaboration, whilst still working individually, to encourage each other to explore new avenues in Street Photography. We all have established Photostreams on Flickr and are active members of many Groups, and Admins on some. As a result we started our own Flickr Group, Five Fall Into Adventure.

We then produced this site, which is at its early stages, but will grow to enable us to show what a group of like minded people can do together.

If you would like to know who THE FIVE are, and read more about us, then check out the menu.